DNA Summer School

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Executive Courses

Data Strategy – 3 days in 3 weeks

Learn what data-driven marketing really entails. A good data strategy isn’t gut feeling, but it’s also not devoid of marketing skills. Learn a practical structure to bring an organisation to full data maturity

Provisional dates: 3, 10 and 17 July 2017 reserve a seat
Price: EUR 3.199,-

Google Analytics – 3 days in 3 weeks

Get the ultimate crash course in Google analytics from some of the brightest minds in the field. This three day – in three weeks course start at the absolute basics and ends in the darkest hidden corners of GA

Provisional dates: 7, 14 and 21 July 2017 reserve a seat
Price: EUR 1.499,-

Modern Market Research – 3 days in 3 weeks

Declared data isn’t dead. Despite all of our new digital tools, the only way to understand why people do something and what they actually think about something, is to ask them. Let us help you perform and evaluate modern market research

Provisional dates: 18, 25 July 2017 and 1 August 2017 reserve a seat
Price: EUR 2.499,-


Professional Development Courses

KPI setting and tracking – 2 days

How to assess a funnel? What are truly useful KPIs? And how to steer a company on them? During this workshop we will ‘train the trainers’ (you) on how to setup sessions in you organisation to develop unified KPI systems

Provisional dates: 11, 12 July 2017 reserve a seat
Price: EUR 1.899,-

Digital Tracking – 2 days

How to use ad server, tag management, web analytics and other tools to optimally track digital assets and media. How to implement in tools; establish naming conventions and analyse the resultant data.

Provisional dates: 1, 2 August 2017 reserve a seat
Price: EUR 1.599,- EUR 799,-



Making sense of DMPs and start loving data activation – 1 day

A DMP is the core of any multi-channel audience-based marketing strategy, yet far too often the purchase of a DMP doesn’t yield the expected results. During this masterclass we will teach what a DMP really does; how they work beyond the marketing buzzwords and how select – and use – a DMP properly. We will also focus on the organizational impact and processes needed in a company to make sure the system gets embedded in the broader company.

First chance: 4 July 2017 reserve a seat
Second chance: 11 August 2017
Price: EUR 1.499,-

Measuring Impact & Effect of Marketing – 1 day

It’s 2017 – so isn’t it strange that figuring out what the true impact of our media and marketing efforts are is still extremely challenging? We’ve got CPAs, GRPs, brand tracking scores and a slew of others. Yet defining ‘true impact’ eludes most of us. This masterclass includes a complete overview on how to truly judge the impact and effect of marketing.

First chance: 26 July 2017 reserve a seat
Second chance: 24 August 2017
Price: EUR 1.299,-

Privacy now and in 2018 – 4 hours

Privacy officers, Cookie laws, the GDPR – privacy has never been a hotter and complexer field. Join us for a half day discussion on the ins-and-outs of privacy now – and after the GDPR goes in effect next year

First chance: 3 July 2017 reserve a seat
Second chance: 28 August 2017
Price: EUR 499,-


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