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True effectivity of marketing depends on understanding people and their needs

But understanding people isn’t easy. People think, feel, research, do and buy a lot of different things and it is hard to truly map all of that into simple audience insights.

There is no single method; tool or capability that allows you to truly “get” audiences. Rather, you’d need to look at people’s behavior in different ways:

  • Declared behavior: What they say about themselves
  • Measured behavior: What you can see them doing
  • Social behavior: What they share about themselves

Our team consists of ‘traditional’ market researchers; data scientists; DMP specialists and social researchers and work together to get to this form of ‘ultimate’ audience insights. Which we capture in truly data-driven persona’s. We describe audiences across all of these different access. Additionally, we’ve got some pretty special data sources we are proud of:


Facebook Interest Graph

We have an exclusive level of access to Facebook’s Interest Graph. The biggest behavioral data source in the world. We secured this access through our friends of Motley in Denmark and are the only agency in the Netherlands that can deliver reports based on this granular level of data in the market.

This allows us to build data-driven (not survey-based!)  personas based on the 9 million active Facebook users. We identify and describe the difference in interests between your audiences, and the general population.


Survey augmentation

We augment these profiles from our annual market survey, where we recontact 4.000 NOM-panel (local TGI) respondents to get their identity statements; media consumption and other pertinent declared behavior. Measured persona’s tell us what people are interested in – our Survey tells us why.


Audience-based buying

We know that strategy, media-buying and creatives are moving to an “audience-based” model. We mainly care who we reach, and what mind-states these people are in; not necessarily through which channel or on what location.

Working with our Audience Insights allows you to buy media across different online and offline channels directly on those audience. We can even track shifting interests of your audiences to make sure your content is continuously relevant.

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