Impact & Effect


Figuring out the true impact of your media and marketing efforts is still extremely challenging.

We have all the numbers we need. We’ve got CPAs, GRPs, brand tracking scores and a slew of others. Yet defining ‘true impact’ eludes most of us.

We believe this is caused by a misunderstanding. A simplified view of what truly constitutes a result. When we truly look at impact, we need to realize that any effect of marketing is simply one thing: causing a change in behavior.

And human behavior is notoriously hard to gage. Just like when learning to understand audiences, we have to understand effect in three levels:

–        Changes in what we can measure people doing (measured behavior)

–        Changes in what people tell us about their feelings and intentions (declared behavior)

–        Changes in what people are sharing (social behavior)

Our team of web analysts, data scientists, DMP/data activation experts and marketeers try to deep-dive and combine the learnings of all of these effects in consistent; consolidated and highly actionable learning – to really get to data-proven marketing.


Understanding the heartbeat of your brand

Most companies are in three ‘lines of thinking’:

–        CPC/CPA driven – online driven performance marketing

–        GRP driven – offline driven branding through reach

–        Brand tracking driven – offline driven branding through awareness, consideration and preference

None of these are wrong. And none of these are right. They just don’t give you the real ‘heartbeat’ of the brand. They are too isolated.

We help our clients to bring together all of their declared, measured, and social data sources to create completely integrated ‘heartbeat tracker’; and deliver its results through best-in-class dashboards, reports and data-driven narratives.

Truly break down the numbers – from insight to prediction

Modern techniques allow for some serious data crunching. You just need the right data; and the right nerds! We offer the market’s first and only truly transparent conversion attribution and marketing mix modeling solutions to add a layer of prediction to your heartbeat tracker. And again; these predictions cover measured impact; declared impact; and social impact

Remember: Data is not a USP

Everyone is talking about dashboards, attribution and modeling. Some or jumping on the Machine Learning train. This is absolutely great. And we’d love to help you out with it. But please remember that a true heartbeat tracker; modeling and all the other good stuff will not provide you with a USP. Honestly, we think it will be a requirement to stay in business.

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