Data Activation


 When should you care: you have data, now what?!

In our daily business, we all need to keep moving. Adjusting to new context, solving problems, taking opportunities, going for the next winner idea…

The question is: “What are my options and will these decisions help me?”

This is where data comes in. Data is knowledge, data is experience, data is patterns.

And data activation is about using it to take the most pertinent actions.


Why should you care: will you keep your business safe and growing by: following your gut-feel or using a good sense of measure and rational approach to adjust to your environment?

To keep a business running smoothly, growing in scale and maturity, decisions are required frequently and at different levels:

  • Operational: how will you optimize your campaigns for more performance or brand impact? Are you looking at the consumer response from live content in order optimize its performance?
  • Tactical: do you use learnings of past and live campaigns to shape your media plans and your target audiences? Are you running consistent marketing by reconciling all your brand and product data points at the level of individual consumers?
  • Strategic: do you understand the mechanisms through which your marketing activities influence your brand and impact your business performance? Are you able to apply this understanding to predict the effects of your marketing strategy?

Who does it: is it someone else’s job?

Everyone that has a responsibility in running your marketing. From your marketing chief designing the strategy and taking the tough decisions, to your marketing teams and media agencies designing and executing campaigns.

But data activation also delivers its power through automated processes.

How is it done: what is the secret?

No secret. But access to data, trust in data, understanding of data, and knowing how it can impact your business.

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