The Quality Score

The challenge

The programmatic traders at this international food and beverage company found it manually impossible to analyze large data sets and determine the quality of their campaigns in one country, let alone the 20-plus countries where they also ran campaigns.

What we did

We created an algorithm that combined the key performance indicators (KPIs) for these campaigns (reach, pacing patterns, viewability and price) and the KPIs were merged into a single number, ranging from zero to one.

This gave programmatic traders the opportunity to continuously monitor and optimize campaigns, no matter where the country might be.

Moreover, as the algorithm was built as part of a machine learning system, it constantly improves on itself, so learnings get better and sharper over time.

The result

Programmatic campaigns are constantly optimized and new insights are created for the traders across the 23 countries they service, which result in truly data driven cost-effectiveness for the food and beverage company.

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