The Brand Heartbeat

The challenge

Specialists at this multi-national retail company work in marketing channel silos. There is no big picture of their combined efforts for the entire marketing funnel.

They needed to get all the marketing specialists on the same page to understand how the company can move from a channel-centric perspective to a people-centric mindset.

What we did

We started by bringing people together in several workshops and discussed key performance indicators (KPIs) for each channel and their dependencies on each other.

Next, we went to work on data management. All online and offline data sources were identified, centralized and streamlined into a single taxonomy. Of note, this was made possible by the strong working relationship we garnered with our client for the past 11 years. Trust is of utmost importance here.

Finally, data was visualized in a dashboard that highlighted key performance indicators in a real-life way so that the client sees the influence of changing spends for one channel on the key performance indicators of other marketing channels across all past and running campaigns.

The result

Across several countries, marketing teams now have actionable insights that help them monitor their full marketing efforts and directly steer on their media spends.

This not only ensures data-driven marketing efficiency, but also cost-effectiveness across all channels.

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