Audience Insights

The challenge

Clients frequently ask us for deeper insights in their target audiences. Data from questionnaires and focus groups, also known as declared behavior, gives a quick look into people’s minds, but it does not offer a complete profile of their preferences, interests and behavioral system. What people say, is often not what they do. A large healthcare and lifestyle technology company came to this same conclusion when they wanted to deep dive into their target audience, so we introduced them to our Audience Insights solution.

What we did

We started with data that we could measure in online behavior, like social media or onsite activity. Via our own unique tooling and software, we are able to capture people’s activity (anonymized and aggregated) and analyze patterns. Next, we enriched it with declared behavioral data from our own research studies*, based on questionnaires and focus groups, to create a more holistic view on their audiences.

The result

We delivered highly detailed data-driven persona profiles that include a consumer journey, their media usage and a path to purchase. With these insights the company is able to optimize its media strategy, starting with the type of message (creative and content themes) and even getting into the preferred media channels for the audiences. This enables the company to directly activate the persona profiles within its media channels, so they can target the right type of people with relevant content across all media platforms, resulting in higher quality messaging and a better performance on CTR and CPM.

*a 100% people-based insights, planning, activation and measurement platform.


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